Blue Magnolia Mushrooms *Staffs Pick


The Blue Magnolia Rust has blueish caps with rust spots and relatively thick stems. They are generally large in size and expected to be the same or greater in potency as the famous Penis Envy strains.

Euphoria: psilocybin onset begins with an uplifting rush. It’s a pleasant, tingling sensation coupled with the bubbling effervescence of happiness.

Hallucinations: after euphoria, hallucinations set in. Shroom hallucinations often manifest as grids, polygons, or other shapes. They’re rarely confused with reality, although they can make driving difficult.

Flow of time: throughout shroom trips, you may notice time moving slowly. Each time you look up at the clock, you’re amazed by how little time has passed.

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1/8oz (3.5 grams), 1/4oz (7.0 grams), 1/2oz (14 grams)

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